Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital

Exam of a band-tail pigeon

The wildlife hospital is open every day to accept injured or orphaned native wild animals. The wildlife hospital entrance is located on the west side of the museum. Because wildlife does not have health insurance, we pay 100% of their medical cost. Your donations will help save the lives of thousands of patients.

Hospital hours

  • September though March: 9 am – 5 pm
  • April through August: 9 am – 7 pm

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Baby Season is Here!

Baby season is here and our wildlife hospital is getting busy!

Tiny blue house finch eggs arrived at the hospital on April 14. We put the eggs in an incubator and this tiny house finch hatched on April 15.

Our hospital receives many baby animals each year whose nests were removed either accidentally or intentionally. If a bird has started building a nest in an inappropriate place, you can remove the nesting material if no eggs or nestlings are present.

Once even one egg has been laid, it’s illegal to remove or disturb a nest. Wait until the baby birds leave the nest on their own and then close off the area to prevent the parents from rebuilding in that location. To help wildlife, postpone activities like house painting or tree trimming if the work will disturb an active nest.