Keep Cats Indoors

Mourning Dove with cat caught injuries
Cat injured outside

Please keep your cats indoors, especially in spring and summer when baby birds are learning to fly. Cats kill over four million birds in the U. S. every day. Despite being well fed, cats will still hunt. Collar bells don't work. Most young birds leave the nest before they are able to fly well and are frequently caught by cats. Most of the birds caught by cats, but not killed outright, die from their injuries or infection.

Outdoor cats are exposed to more diseases, need more medical care and have shorter life spans than indoor cats. Cars kill millions of cats each year.

20 percent of the animals treated in our wildlife hospital have been caught by a cat. To save the lives of thousands of birds and other animals every year, please keep your cats indoors. Visit The American Bird Conservancy to find out how to make your cat a happy and healthy indoor cat.